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Senior Living, Continuing Care, and Lifestyle

Senior Living provides a community for friendship, facilities and staff for both recreation and home maintenance as well as the availability of dining services and housekeeping.  

Continuing Care provides  health and wellness services for those in homes, assisted living, and long term care. The bulleted list on the Amenities Page gives a snapshot of the facilities and services at Medford Leas.   

Lifestyle, how one spends one time, is an individual choice.  Some residents at Medford Leas are employed. Some continue to be actively involved in the community where they previously lived. Some have found new volunteer work on the Medford Leas campus or in the County. Some who stay mostly on campus still spend much of their time outdoors -- gardening or working on trails.  For others it might be the Art Studio or the Fiber Arts Room or one of the two Workshops which captures their attention.  More than 70% of residents participate in the programs of the Fitness and Aquatics Department; and almost all participate in activities of the resident associations.  

All residents at Medford Leas, on both campuses, are members of the Medford Leas Residents Association (MLRA); all residents on the Lumberton Campus are members of the Lumberton Leas Residents Association (LLRA). 

Activities.  As it says on the homepage of the residents website (

 "There are about 90 MLRA activites organized by residents. They include programs in our theater, an art gallery that invites artists from the region and two other galleries that hang the work of resident artists. Residents organize trips to concerts and for sightseeing or birding. Among other things, they plan forums, social activities, provide volunteer assistance, maintain trails and woodlands, and produce two newsletters, a literary journal, and this website."

Activities and Committees of the Resident Associations on both campuses