Contract Options/Coverages

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A CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)  is a community that offers a lifetime contract to its residents, guaranteeing such services as meals, housekeeping, maintenance, medical and nursing care, if needed, for the payment of specified fees, usually a lump sum initial payment and a monthly fee.

Medford Leas offers a choice of contract options, financial and health care flexibility, an extensive array of services – including housekeeping and dining services – attractive amenities, and beautifully designed homes.

Residence Agreement Includes:

This agreement offers optional fee-for-service access to the superior medical services at Medford Leas, along with our unique option for transition to a Residence and Care Agreement at a later date. (Minimum age 55)

  • Refundable Occupancy Rights Purchase—90% minimum Refund (certain provisions apply)
  • Optional fee-for-service access to complete range of Medford Leas’ health and long-term care services (subject to availability)

Residence & Care Agreement Includes:

The most complete package, this agreement ensures Medford Leas’ unlimited commitment to provide its superior residential and health, wellness and future long-term care services for your lifetime. (Minimum age 65)

  • Choice of Traditional or 80% Refundable Entrance Fee Plans
  • Unlimited lifetime Medford Leas’ health and wellness care services and assurance of Medford Leas’ unlimited long-term care services, should you ever need them.

Both Agreement Includes:

  • Occupancy in the home of your choice.
  • “Total Home Maintenance”—interior and exterior repairs/maintenance, grounds keeping, trash and snow removal, plus sewer utility costs.
  • Use of all Medford Leas' extensive community facilities and amenities
  • Full membership in the Medford Leas Residents’ Association and participation in all its activities. 


For more information about Medford Leas, or to schedule a visit, please contact us.

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Resident

  1. Visit Medford Leas

    Schedule your personal visit by calling the Marketing Department at 609-654-3420 or 800-331-4302.

  2. Apply for Residency

    Complete and submit a reservation list application, along with payment of the appropriate fee. Then keep Medford Leas advised as to the type(s) of residential accommodations (homes or apartments) you would prefer and the approximate time frame you desire for joining our community.

  3. Get Ready – Complete the Approval Process

    Based upon your application date, stated accommodation preferences, availability, and your desired move-in time frame, we will advise you when to complete the assessment(s)—financial (and health, if applicable)—required for your approval

  4. Consider & Accept Offer of Accommodation

    Once approved, Medford Leas will offer you a unit when one that meets your requirements becomes available. Decide if you want to accept the offered accommodation.

  5. Sign, Pay & Move In!

    Sign your agreement. On your contract date, pay your initial lump-sum fee. Move in anytime after your contract date!