Active Living

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Seven Dimensions of Wellness:

Emotional, Intellectual/Cognitive, Physical, Professional/Vocational, Social, Spiritual, Environmental  [definitions]

The Wellness Dimensions overlap and coordinate to provide rich environments for living.

Fitness and Aquatic Programs descriptions.

The Brain Gym is comprised of programming from Posit Science on eight computers. Medford Leas offers two programs. The program called “Brain Fitness” is designed to speed up how fast you listen. The other called “Insight" is a vision based computer program that not only works on memory and increasing peripheral vision but also how fast you process what you see.

MLRA Activities, which contribute to resident wellness in many ways, are described in the lifestyle page on this website and in more detail on the activities pages of the residents’ website.

Therapeutic Recreation (TR)

Therapeutic Recreation is central to the lives of residents in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing units. There are activities every day and several evenings a week. There are nine staff members in therapeutic recreation – five are full-time.

TR Goals (not just entertainment):

  • To meet resident needs (7 dimensions of wellness),
  • To help residents find meaning, usefulness and purpose in life,
  • To provide opportunities to socialize, learn, laugh, create, remember.
  • To help residents function at their maximum (physically, mentally, socially),
  • To engage residents and keep them stimulated,
  • To allow them tp be heard,
  • To let them know they are loved and cared about,
  • To promote self-esteem and self-respect,

How we accomplish this

  •  Provide activities for residents of assisted living & skilled nursing units,
  •  Positive Pursuits/Elder questionnaire,
  •  Club Med: Broadway Bound, Jazz, Pets, Cooking/Baking, Chair Chi, Table Games,
  •  Programs: Intergenerational, Sing-alongs, Happy Hours, Pet Therapy, Spiritual Programs, Travelogues, Cognitive Games, Back Porch Concerts, Horticulture with Debbie, Socials, Classic Movies, Creative Arts, Drumming, Biographies, Special Events, Poetry Corners,
  • Resident Volunteers in TR: Special Events, Weekly volunteers, Walking Club, Piano Players/musicians, Meditation, Trips, Journey Volunteers, Pet Therapy, Slide presentations/travelogues, Skype, Men’s Club.